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thetripplepppsenpai said:

I'm currently making an mlp fan song and I'm a noob at music and I'm still in the process of learning so the final creation is still a long way from now. What would you say about the idea of a fast progressive dubstep song centered around an epic race between Rainbow Dash and a new villain for control over the fate of all Equestria? What is one thing you feel mlp fan song writers overdo or neglect in their songs? Also I haven't been to this blog in a while, but it looks like it's pretty amazing.



H’mm… I’m not nearly qualified enough to properly advise you on this subject… but I can tell you a few things I’ve observed from other names in the fandom.

1. Don’t overuse samples. It’s okay to have one or two in there, but make sure you blend them in with the vibe of the music.

2. Spend time learning how to customise or make your own drums and samples. The experts can listen and name which sample pack you’re using just like a designer can name an overused font on a sign – so if you use generic samples, it’ll severely weaken the track.

3. Learn music production,eg, how to properly mix the tracks and balance the frequencies. I don’t know anything about how this is done – but I do know that underproduced brony music sounds terrible on speakers bigger than desktop speakers, and that’s bitten a few musicians in the ass over time.

I’m a big Prince Whateverer fan, but some of his best tracks are woefully lacking at the bottom-end. They sound okay on my laptop, but I have to turn up the bass dial when listening on my hi-fi.

4. Be wary of attempting to make The Next Big Track. Some of the biggest names don’t set out to make viral tracks, they just work on a Thing and see what comes out the other end.

For example,

Acoustic Brony and Mando Pony, who made Loyalty, they were working on theme songs for the Mane Six, not a number one hit.

General Mumble’s Couldn’t you just simply Die wasn’t intended to have the dark undertones, it just came out that way and he rolled with it.

Follow Addictia and you’ll see (or hear) that he starts out with just a drum kick or some other component he’s been messing about with, and he builds up a song around that. He puts out a lot of random bits and WIPs, which give a big insight into how he builds the song up.

If you’re setting out to make your grand tour de force track, be prepared for disappointment. You need to keep working on lots of tracks and develop your skills. Your first will not be your best.

Likewise, this may or may not be obvious, but – do not seek fame. If people like your stuff, awesome, but make your music for yourself!

That’s pretty much all I’ve got… As aforementioned, take this advice with a pinch of salt, and ask other brony musicians who actually know what they’re talking about for better production advice ^^;

I’m gonna append this a bit, overall I agree but there are a fewwww more details I think should be expanded on.

1. On one hand I agree, we’re all really damn tired of hearing “louder!” samples. On another hand it really depends on the genre you’re doing. Just do what sounds good. On that note however, keep in mind that “what sounds good to you” isn’t always “what sounds good to everyone.” What you need to do then is think do you make music for yourself or do you do it for other people. It’s not a binary answer but I just want you to think about it. (I mainly do the former)

2. “The experts can listen and name each sample pack you’re using” who fucking cares about the experts? Not just experts listen to your music anyways. If I thought about “experts” every time I used the “amen break" in a song I wouldn’t get anywhere. It’s not always about making your own samples, it’s about processing and modifying. Don’t just use a drum loop as is, load it into a slicer and rearrange the pattern. Add some reverb, put a phaser on it, distort it all to hell I don’t care just do something that fits and works. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel all the time, if you got a patch you wanna use, then USE IT. Just don’t complain it doesn’t sound as good as it could. Sometimes if you wanna use purple paint, you don’t always have to combine red and blue you know? Just buy purple paint. Even when you have your purple paint, add some other colors to it, TWEAK STUFF. It’s the best way to learn how it all works anyways. In any case, no amount of good sounding presets will make a song sound good though, being a good song writer is only somewhat related to design and mixing. Though, again it does depend on genre, keep in mind that writing a song is more than having a "SIQ DROP!!!11BRO!111!!1/"

3. Production is something that can’t really be learned overnight. It takes TONS of fucking practice and sharpening your listening skills. There are intricacies of sound that aren’t always exactly apparent when you first start. In any case “balance” is a correct term with mixing, but that by no means “perfect balance.” Sometimes grit can go a long way, but of course, it depends what exactly you’re doing. Just be wary when you are mixing to look at a spectogram to see what the frequencies are doing, especially if you don’t exactly have a system that allows you to hear everything. Mixing in my opinion is one of the hardest skills to learn because it requires some technical knowledge. Learn how your DAW works, learn how sound works, and learn how you can write to make it all come together.

4. Yeah I agree with this. Making the “next brony banger” *cringes* is not something you want to go for. Just work on your craft and try to improve every time you make something. You WILL make songs that suck. That’s a fact. Take this advice.

Also I might add that you should ALWAYS go to other people for their opinions. This is an incredibly difficult yet crucial thing to do. Keep in mind that people’s opinions are just opinions and you should take them with a grain of salt, but you should ALSO be willing to look at your own work critically and see from the perspective of others. Do NOT stagnate. Do NOT put yourself in an echo chamber. Do NOT be afraid to put yourself out there, even if it means getting shot down. If you get shot down, just re-evaluate. I’m not saying it’s easy, because it’s definitely not, but it’s something you have to do.

Ramble ramble ramble, horse music. That’s about all I got, hopefully that was informative.

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Our staff member ph00tbag (AKA Sonic Rainboom) wanted to give a shout out to these special tracks this week.

Nightmare Lyra - the Simple and Honestimage

I think it’s interesting to see what’s going on in foreign parts of the fandom within their own contexts. The nature of MLP as an American/Canadian show means it’s really easy for bronies from there to be fairly insular, and interactions with bronies outside of the US tend to be on those terms. This is a Japanese song from a Japanese fanfiction, and it’s refreshing to see that in its own context.


Stefan Schroeck - Rise of Princess Luna

I was a percussionist in high school band, and the majority of the reason for that was because I really liked to wail on shit really hard. Timpani was also my favorite instrument to play. This tune both has percussion hitting drums really hard, and Timpani, while being really epic, to boot, so I’m predisposed to like it.


STRIK9 - Homesick

Homesick, for me, brings StriK9 out of the crowd. It’s not just trippy and experimental. In this tune, Strik9 demonstrates a mastery of timing, holding moments just long enough for the tension to build to a peak, without the need for risers or drum rolls. My favorite part, incidentally, is near the end—silence reigns for several seconds before a water drip sound effect plays, and just as the echoes die, thunder rumbles. It captures the whole reason I love the tune in one moment.


Aphylliate - Bolts

This tune is so funky, with a heavy dose of nostalgia. The climax of this tune takes all sorts of inspiration from early rave music, with the stretched vocals, orchestral hit melodies, and pitch-shifted Amen Break. I’m a big fan of music that evokes classic edm genres, so of course I would love this tune for all the reasons above.


Injustrial - BUCK 2014

Doesn’t this tune make you just want to get up and bounce around like no-one’s business? That’s the idea, of course. The synth design and melodic composition are some classic hardcore, which is all about jumping around without a care in the world. Just watch out for the people next to you.


Aoshi - Don’t Let Anypony Keep You Down!

Aoshi has become something of a mainstay on my features list, but that’s because he just consistently puts stuff out that I love. He manages to maintain such tight control of very messy sounds, and makes it sound so good. One thing I like about this tune in particular is the vocalizing after the hook. The effects chain Aoshi runs in through makes it sound so deliciously raw.


Replacer &I ft. Feather - Until The Sun (IWillMissThisWorld Remix)

I squealed like a kindergarten-age girl when I saw IWillMissThisWorld’s name come up in my subscription feed. They don’t make much stuff, it seems, but if it’s so that everything they make can be this much fun to listen to, that’s okay. This Until the Sun remix is full of glitchy, chopped up goodness. Most remixes of this tune were just generic dance music, but IWillMissThisWorld definitely brought their own distinctive style to it.


Vylet - Everfree Macrocosm

I really dig what Vylet has going on in the percussion section in this tune, both with the bongos and with the glitched drum sounds. I’m also a fan of the throat singing that he throws in here and there, which gives the tune a really otherworldly vibe. Vylet’s been making waves a lot lately, and this tune really proves his value to me, personally.


Donn DeVore and the Cutie Marks - Hello Crusaders

There’s not enough love given to background music from the show. Particularly heinous is how little attention is given to the CMC theme in remixes and covers. Donn DeVore apparently agrees, and gives a little jam session to the tune, then mashes it up with a cover of “Hello,” which works really well when you hear it.


LeafRunner and DerpyCrash - Shampoo Factory

It’s rare that chiptune really catches my eye. I guess this isn’t one-hundred percent chiptune, but it’s close enough, and I like to give love to this rather sizeable chunk of the brony music community from time to time. Shampoo Factory is a wonderfully funky little original tune, which I could totally see in a SNES-style Pony Beat ‘em Up. Oh man, this game really needs to happen, now.

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Click here for more information.

You got 5 weeks to show off your stuff. Get your tracks together.

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Toxic Mario has 6 new song picks for tracks that deserve a listen. Give them a read-over and a listen if you get a chance! Props to all those picked!

1. Foozogz - Together

Once again we have another fantastic song by the MLP musician Legends Foozogz.  This song is probably one of my favorite songs of 2014.  There’s a style and flair that Fooz seems to put into his music that make it sound so cheerful and happy.  This is another one and I highly recommend you download it.

2. 3SPIRIT - The Local DJ 

3SPIRIT isn’t known for making Dubstep music.  Most of the music he his known for is anything but.  I should know since I have a nice collection of his music.  This actually was his 2nd attempt at a Dubstep track and he actually did a not a half bad one on this Vinyl one.

3. Flyghtning - Daring Do and the Mine of Chaos

This is one of the rare Daring Do songs I seem to stumble across here and there an Fly is back at it with another music track of his.  It’s a pure instrumental track and this one I think you need to take a listen to.  It’s fairly fast pace but it’s done in a way you can almost take this as a video game track.

4. Delta Brony - Twistrike

Every now and then Delta will make a non-video game track and after several months of waiting he’s got a fantastic remix of ArtAttack’s Twistrike track.  At one point this was the most remixed song in the fandom but it’s rarely done anymore.  This one by Delta is one of the best I’ve heard since the remix craze of this song back in 2012.  I definitely think you should add this to you music collections

5. Seventh Element - Equestria Games 1981

Once again I had to put 7thelement in this.  He’s the master of 80s music for me over the last 2 years.  He’s very in-tune with this type of style and I personally love this track.  It’s pure 80s and this song is very catchy after about the 1/2 way mark.  You’ll see what I mean

6. Nicolas Dominique - Wereluna (Blood Moon Mix)

Ok I had to put this one in here only cause Wereluna was my creation back in 2011 and I still draw her quite a bit 3 years later.  Nic originally did a song with this but he decided to remix his original one and this is what he came up with.

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HACKD’s “Buck ‘Em Up!” Live Set at BUCK 2014

Here’s my performance from Manchester for everyone who either slept through it or wanted to re-live the action! The amazing video editing is courtesy of Spikey Wikey. Art by EmberWisp. Links in the video description.

SETLIST (154 - 204 BPM)
00:25 HACKD - Fealty To The Night VIP
01:50 HACKD vs RKIT - Maverick
03:00 HACKD - Back Alley Bootleg
05:14 RKIT - Lights Out! (HACKD Remix)
06:10 Vsi - Assertiveness (HACKD Remix)
08:25 HACKD - Hard Cider VIP
09:35 Imil - New Beginnings
10:14 Sinister Souls - Beat The Drum Hard (HACKD Remix)

Shares and stuff are appreciated. As much as I don’t give a fuck about popularity, if I want to be able to bring this hype to future cons I’m go to need either it or inside connections. Cheers.

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Seventh Element: I was interviewed by a thing, if you wanna listen to my dumb voice:

Elements of Harmony #32 - The Element of Pizza

Oh his whole Baltimare EP is on youtube now. Enjoy this playlist.

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Cherax Destructor + And The Rainfall : Acoustic Set

Yo! Cherax Destructor is in town, so obviously we had to do something musical together! The more immediate thing that we made was this little ditty here. We practiced only a couple of hours for two days before trying this, and even then there were still some kinks to iron out, but I’ll be damned if this wasn’t hella fun. Go show Cherax some love!

Cherax world tour continues!

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"Hi, wanna be our bitch for 7 percent revenue share?"


In the world of pony media, there are different levels and groups of people. There’s the Sethistos who have real power and don’t give a shit, there’s the Drafts who have no real power and are crazy about it, and there’s the HNs who are just here for the booze. Recently, a new mutation on pony media tried to lodge itself into the fandom, like a tumor, sucking off the healthy (in our case we’ll put quotes around “healthy”) cells around it. It’s name “The Pony News Network” or “PNN” (Or “Brony Network” depending on the day).

What have they done? Not as much as they want to do if you don’t stop them now.

So what exactly IS the “Pony Network”? To put it simply; it’s a pyramid scheme that only exists to try and make money off of ad revenue by leeching off of existing pony fan’s Youtube accounts, in exchange for being part of the “Brony Network”. All of that would be fine…if it weren’t a total sham.
The “Brony Network" aka The Pony Network, aka PNN, started up just a few months ago. Their main Youtube account has a grand total of 24 followers. Their main twitter account has…8 followers. And their “news” site has exactly one post made on it since July.  To give themselves the perception of popularity and control, The Pony Network has recently acquired (likely PURCHASED) over 13 Thousand Fake Twitter followers for their PN twitter account. At the time we ran a Twitter audit, the account had next 0 legitimate followers. 
So, now you’re wondering why Horse News CARES about what is clearly a failure of a project. For lack of a better term, because of the extortion and blackmail allegedly taking place behind the scenes, and according to a source who was contacted about the startup, because the owner of BronyNetwork is attempting to gain a “monopoly over the fandom”.
 Also the fact that the people behind it are trying to both edge out and simultaneously partner up with the likes of Everfree Network and Ponyville Live (both of whom have reportedly rejected them due to shadiness). 
The Pony Network came to EFN and PVL offering “partnerships” to work together to share ad revenue generated by pony youtube videos. They are reportedly a subset of "Showcase Edit" which does the exact same thing but on a larger scale. Now, anyone who has ever tried to monetize youtube knows that ad revenue is virtually zilch anyway. But PN wants to divide the profits with a tiny fraction going to the partners, a fraction going to themselves, and another chunk going to Showcase Edit.
They were turned down, because why would any account with ~30 Thousand subscribers share ad revenue with a “network” that only has 24 subscribers? Yeah even Draft isn’t THAT stupid. 
So who WOULD join up with this “Youtube Network”.
Well apparently Brony Aerospace who has “shit on everybody” “enough to blackmail them into partnering”. That’s right folks, the Brony Network plans on using the people at Brony Aerospace to BLACKMAIL youtubers into joining the network and giving up big percentages of their ad revenue.
But don’t just take our word for it, have a listen to some recordings of an actual skype call with the head of the Brony Network "BronySinc". (This recording was made in a one-party consent state, meaning that only one of the people in the call needed to know it was being recorded).
The full recording is too long (~an hour) so we spared you a lot of awkward silence and mundane shit.

"Brony Aerospace has enough contacts to get us the big big Youtubers. Basically they have shit on everybody and that’s enough to blackmail them into partnering with us." - BronySinc

This is what is taking place.

"Basically hold a monopoly on all the fandoms in the world"

That is some evil empire level shit right there.

Along with that We have founding partner Omnipony. Well we don’t officially have him, there’s a dirty deal going right now and we’re gonna get him.”

Jesus, this guy has never heard of subtlety or tact has he?


So there you have it folks, damning evidence of almost unheard of levels of underhanded bullshit. Blackmailing Omnipony? Trying to conquer “all the fandoms in the world”? All for the MONEY no less? And clearly BronyAerospace is just as much to blame here as the rest.


Who else is in on this treacherous guild? Apparently Raborn, the convention chair for DerpyCon South, who recently had a dispute over recording between PNN and PVL. It is unknown how many bronies and groups are in on the conspiracy, but we do know that they were rejected by PVL. Apparently Silver Eagle was NOT willing to be their “bitch for 7 percent revenue share”.

We do not know what is being used to blackmail Omni (~44 Thousand Subscribers) into joining this group, but we do wish him the best luck.

To Derpycon South, Brony Aerospace, and The Brony Network at large: you’ve been caught.

To the fandom at large: do not let the cancerous likes of these people take your fandom from you.

holy fucking shit guys

Zoikees! And they would have gotten away with it if its wasn’t for those meddling reporters!

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Soon. :3

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New Balloon Party album!


"One day, on Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, Twilight Sparkle, head professor of Arcane Magic, had her class do a study on music and it’s magical properties. "Your discoveries would have to be presented in detail, so that the rest could benefit from it as well. It has to be something out-of-the-box, something inventive." With a laugh, she added: "You’ll get extra points if you knock me out of my seat. You have three months to work on your presentation. Good luck. Class dismissed."

The bright souls in Twilight’s classroom immediately filed out of the classroom to start research. Some teamed up to combine ideas, some took it alone. But they all had the same purpose: to learn how to understand, develop and give shape to their mindscapes, to do so, and put the result on display for the rest to see at their eventual presentations.”

Academy of Power is proud to present: Mindscapes!

Welcome back for the third year of Balloon Party, folks! We’ve been planning and preparing these few last months and definitely changed up our approach with this album!

Mindscapes is our way of encouraging you to think differently than you have when you’ve made music. It’s all about being new, fresh, and experimental. This isn’t exactly a request to switch your genres up though, it’s a lot more than that. Pioneering new methods and ideas in your music is your goal. 

Join the Skype Group!
Join the Soundcloud Group!

And so it begins again.

Thank you Lavender Harmony!

Well here you have it people. All information regarding Academy of Power: Mindscapes, right here.

Oh and don’t mind if I fix the Skype link:


Copy this in your browser.

Please give this a signal boost!

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So the Maressey project kicked off this week.   It’s a project that’s been in the planning stage for nearly 2 years and featuring ponified covers of The Smiths vast song catalog. Expect to see weekly releases featuring a variety of different brony collaborators involved. 

Check out their channel for the first song featuring Zatslol and Freewave and sub to see many more future tracks. 




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Sometimes when you’ve seen a plethera of brony musicians come and go it’s easy to feel underwhelmed by the “typical” pony EDM. Aphylliate is not new (making music since 2012) but when he filled out a bmd entry just recently it was a perfect time to get reacquainted with someone who is stepping out from the herd.  I wanted to elevate his profile here on FIMM as these tracks are pretty fantabulous.



Location: Southampton, UK
Age: 21

” I started writing music on the Playstation when I was just 9 years old. Since then I have written for wind bands, small trios, guitar, piano and a few string instruments. I currently produce a range of genres that mainly encompass breakbeat, trance, hardcore, techno, rock, 8-bit and house. I’ve been in the fandom since 2012 and love to write songs based on the stories, adventures and ideas both from the show and the fandom. I use Logic Pro 9 and barely anything else. You can purchase (most) of my music from my bandcamp, if it’s not on there it means i think it needs fixing!!”