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And The Rainfall  from And The Rainfall

So ATR has a new channel where he reads fimfiction. As with most things i am hearing about this WAY too late but don’t be afraid to get subscribed and hear the first 4 chapters of the The Royal Ponyville Orchestra.

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I Can Drink More Than You by johnjoseco

Event albums? Sure there’s still loads of them going on. Check out what’s open, what’s coming to a close, and where the party is at in the fandom.

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Singing Her Merry Little Tune by ~SoulSpade

Hey why not pass along a tutorial since I’ve run smack dab into it?

The Complete Guide to Mixing Vocals

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FIMM  gif source xaigatomon:

So we hit 700 followers today on FIMM!! Thanks to all of those took the time to subscribe, reblog, and like our output!

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Music from Club Mixers

by Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons

This album exists to help get the writer of Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons to Bronycon and other conventions. We feel given Blackjack’s enduring presence in the fandom, the creator deserves to shine among those who appreciate his work.

In this digital download you will find:
A personal letter from Somber with an in depth look at the creative history of Project Horizons and his thank yous.
A brief Q&A from fans and musicians.
A short story called “One Less Deck to Shuffle” by Kitsune detailing the events that take place during this album.
A full resolution copy of the original untouched cover artwork by McLaren Spyder which can be used to make preprints.

Club Mixers is a club set in the Fallout Equestria: Project Horizons universe. The concept here is simple. We imagined ourselves as musicians in a post apocalyptic world with the sudden opportunity to play in front of an audience. You are that audience. Buy some glowsticks. Drink some Whiskey. Calibrate your PipBuck, Take off all your dirty stable clothes. Dance until you bump into things that you will break and we will have to spend hours fixing.

Have fun- but just as a warning, it wouldn’t be wise to wander too far from the safety of Club Mixers. The wasteland is a harsh, unforgiving place. You’re in good care with Blackjack and ourselves. We promise.

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“Equestria is a big place, you’ll need a guide.”

Welcome to the eighth round of MLR’s Remix War!

As with the previous remix wars, this contest is split into two parts.

Part one is creating a remix of another brony’s work. The same rules apply as all previous remix wars. One song only, the original must of been produced by a brony (no show songs), and preferably you should remix something that’s not been done over and over again.

Part two will be a collab challenge. The goal is to find another brony musician who you would like to work with and then create an original song based on a specific location or place in Equestria. This can be based on a town, a landmark, or a region. This song can be any genre, but it should capture some aspect of the place you make the theme for. Both partners can only submit one song.

So pick option1, option 2, or both! 2 songs max!

Deadline: August 16th at 0:00 GMT. (August 15th between 16:00-19:00 for us in the states. Please be aware of this deadline.)
Streaming Event: August 23rd
Art by MG.

See more details and register here:

Just a reminder. Less then a month left now.

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Crazy OC

One notable brony rock musician who never really got noticed is Crazyoatmeal3. While he hasn’t been heard from since last December, he has created a sizable discography, at his peak becoming one of the musicians for Super Smash Ponies where he created Applejack’s…

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Hey this is the announcement for the Maressey Project. An eventual ponified tribute album for the music of The Smiths. This event album will be a virtual bands and is welcome to guitarists, bassists, drummers, midi instrumentalists, and both male and female vocalists. It will be a free album that we plan to have come out near the end of summer but likely with singles weekly.

For more information and to sign up see the Maressey thread on mylittleremix
and check out the tumblr at
and the eventual youtube channel at

Subscribe and follow for when we do start putting out music! If you’re interested in getting involved let us know!!

Here we go. I hope to make this happen this summer!

Project is open. If you’re interested in taking part, let Freewave know.

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"One day, on Princess Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns, Twilight Sparkle, head professor of Arcane Magic, had her class do a study on music and it’s magical properties. "Your discoveries would have to be presented in detail, so that the rest could benefit from it as well. It has to be something out-of-the-box, something inventive." With a laugh, she added: "You’ll get extra points if you knock me out of my seat. You have three months to work on your presentation. Good luck. Class dismissed."

The bright souls in Twilight’s classroom immediately filed out of the classroom to start research. Some teamed up to combine ideas, some took it alone. But they all had the same purpose: to learn how to understand, develop and give shape to their mindscapes, to do so, and put the result on display for the rest to see at their eventual presentations.”

Academy of Power is proud to present: Mindscapes!

Welcome back for the third year of Balloon Party, folks! We’ve been planning and preparing these few last months and definitely changed up our approach with this album!

Mindscapes is our way of encouraging you to think differently than you have when you’ve made music. It’s all about being new, fresh, and experimental. This isn’t exactly a request to switch your genres up though, it’s a lot more than that. Pioneering new methods and ideas in your music is your goal. 

Join the Skype Group!
Join the Soundcloud Group!

And so it begins again.

Thank you Lavender Harmony!

Well here you have it people. All information regarding Academy of Power: Mindscapes, right here.

Oh and don’t mind if I fix the Skype link:


Copy this in your browser.

~ Exo

Balloon Party has launched their website, as well as kicked off Academy of Power: Mindscapes! Go check it out!

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Just to clear up confusion, Lavender Harmony is not running the latest release of Balloon Party. 

ExoBassTix is the new leader of Balloon Party and was given the project by Circuitfry this past May/June.

It has not been released yet, and is set to start accepting submissions and open their website doors at 9AM EST.

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So we’ve been pretty lax with doing interviews at FIMM for awhile. We’re kicking off a few written ones when we have the time….. Today’s is with Slyphstorm.

Read More

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imageCool banner to distract you from the article.

Today, a press release was published from BUCK regarding the "no plans for BUCK 2015" tweet, shortly after the events of last week caused by that one interview. So yes; bottom line expect no BUCK 2015 unless you buy the premium tickets. And lots of them.

BUCK was known for their bragging drama over their huge budgets but take out the bragging their is fact; the britbong land is notorious for being expensive and there is a huge amount of money and effort taken to run the con. And a tl;dr of the article could be expressed in a haiku:

There will be no BUCK;
Instead a smaller event.
Unless they get funds
Haha okay no. It’s not a plea for money, but rather an explanation of the future of BUCK. It’s likely if, unless a dramatic rise in attendees, there will be no full BUCK next year but rather smaller events or a smaller scale convention.
Regarding last posts accusations of BUCK’s large debt and a-bit-too-young management, another BUCK staff member anonymously commented “We didn’t have anyone below the age of 17 on team last year. Plus our Guest Manager who contacted all the VAs was a twenty something year old man, not a 16 year old girl. We definitely were not £20k in the red last year or we certainly wouldn’t be running this year. So whoever your source is obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”
What do you think of this new announcement? Let us know in the comments after the break!
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So the MLP Forums World Cup came to an end. A certain alicorn won. Congrats Twilight ;)

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Rainbow Crash at Crystal Fair playing a cover of Pinkie Pie’s Fighting is Magic theme by Whitetail.


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More EFNW pics oh shit

look at this sex god

what kind of guitars were you using in these, by the way?

bottom two are MIM fender strats, and the top is a 7 string Schecter thing

sexy guitar god Tarby