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Knife Pony ft. Feather  - Stay (The Remixes)
"This remix album is a project that I’ve been wanting to release for months! The final remix was finished last night, so I’m releasing it this Saturday!! I’m super excited to share this with you guys, and I hope you all enjoy it.. "

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SkyBolt - Out of the Stable

"This is the third installment of my new compilation album series. This one has improved and updated mixes of my earlier Fallout: Equestria songs." 

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Crystal Fair ad to be distributed at Wizard World St. Louis this weekend!


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ArtCredit:  KP-ShadowSquirrel

So we completed our playlist challenge for fimfiction inspired music. We didn’t include every track for those who did entire album’s for specific works but we tried to get a sample of everything submitted to us through this thread. We’d be happy to include any late entries to the youtube playlist.

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hey listen to me! 

I talk!

Also check out interviews with AdditiveSubtractive, Tarby, and Mic the Microphone.

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Are you unaware of what EQD chose to spotlight for all of March? Well have no fear, we’ve collected all the top tracks from March into a playlist for the blog.

Take a look at what you may have missed…

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Shiba Crew Spring Season is on it’s way.

The Crew is getting back together for a third time, to bring the best of EDM to the table.

The timetable is set to release on May 1st, and we’ve got a new list of genres: Drum N’ Bass, Eurobeat, Breakcore, Juke, Rave, Hardstyle, and other similar flavors. Basically, if it’s fast, its here.

This collective was formed when I decided that people coming from fandom needed a place to submit non-fan work. Support your favorite artists buy going on our site, checking out our artist’s respective youtubes and soundclouds, and reblogging this post!

(We’re raising money to get more art for the crew, so if you’re a digital artist, drop me an ask and we’ll talk.)

Coming May 1st

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So Tombstone released his Find the Music In You compilation last week. It has 139 music submissions (that’s like its own Remix War, omg!), He also vlogged with an update on which brony conventions he’s planning to go to, an upcoming album, and what he’s up to. 


2:19 - I am working on two albums!
One Soundtrack EP from the upcoming flash game My Friend Pedro, aimed to be released some time in the next 2 months or so

Trailer for the game here:…

And the second album is an original album that’s going to be in Hebrew, and the first single of the album is going to be released next month, and the album itself is planned for August.

4:33 - Conventions and Meet ups

Brony meetup in Tokyo, Japan - April 20th

MLP-MSP in Minneapolis, Minnesota - June 6th-8th

Everfree Northwest Seattle, Washington - July 4th-6th

Fiesta Equestria in Houston, Texas - July 11th-13th

San Japan in San Antonio, Texas - July 18th-20th

GalaCon in Ludwigsburg, Germany - August 2nd-3rd

BUCKcon in Manchester, England, UK - August 23rd-24th

I am not going to BronyCon this year, explanation by the end of the video.”

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Rising by Radiarc

"Times of peace and times of great strife come and go as the journey continues; the winding road ascending the mountainous beast of life gives way to a new perspective.

Rising, continuously, action and tension, the calm before the storm…
Much has been conquered, but much lies ahead.”

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Adam and his cat talk about the new ep!! Also an audio teaser for all the great music on this ep!

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Running of the Leaves Convention (aka RotL Con) is a Brony Convention held in Denver, Colorado.

Our first convention, October 31st-November 3rd 2013, was a smashing success! Thank you to those who attended, contributed, volunteered and everypony involved with the 1st Running of the Leaves Convention! They are running a kickstarter to raise starter funds for the next convention this year.

For those who don’t live on the coasts, hope you consider this convention! Get hype and help them out!


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For those who decided to wait, you’ve been rewarded. The landing page has been revamped to, frankly, be less repulsive, and now the pack is delivered as an email directly to your email inbox.

No more redirecting to an on-site page, no more… well, fuss in general. Thank you for waiting, now is the time to give it a go if you’d like. <3

Always wanted to make Eurobeat? This may easily help you out!

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Musiquestria is back for a second year! And what’s more, the fun has been DOUBLED!

The premiere MLP music tour is raising funds for not one, but TWO tours this summer. The coast which raises more money after the month-long crowdfunding phase will be awarded with exclusive prizes at every…

^ It’s back

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my little ponies!

it’s here.

thank you comickit, for providing such beautiful art! it is perfect in every way.
thank you solly for being such an excellent being.

After 4 great teasers, the full interview is up! Thanks to Le Soldat Pony, Mathematicus, and Comickit for making this wonderful interview happen!

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I’ve become motivated again to launch the third album in the Balloon Party series. Each album and even their sub-albums have been shaped around personifying the character the album is attributed to. I’m very excited to be spearheading this one, themed around Twilight Sparkle, the studious role model educator, risk-taker, and leader of the six characters.

I will soon be drafting a team of people and personally requesting that they contribute help towards the success of the album.

I had several agenda-based ideas for this album, but I’ve decided to keep the platform on the neutral side of politics. The vision for this album is to have a sound design on the experimental and technique-focused side of composition. The idea is to break your limits and show a new possibility with music. Pioneer a sound nobody has ever thought of, before, and aim to demonstrate proficiency in theory and/or production value however you see fit. You want to stand on the shoulders of giants as best as you can.

It becomes more challenging when we also mention that we are looking for education. If you remember in the year 2012, SGAP and I were able to create a montage of funk and hip hop and ambient music, flowery and sweet, but also delving into the processes of discovery and confirmation.

This album may require you to venture into your mind and process deep thought regarding what you can teach people, whether that lies in evolution, ethics, mathematics, philosophy, the arts, it goes on and on. Be prepared to mingle with lots of artists, because not even a mixing expert is going to have the best answer for your project. That will have to come from you.

We are of course encouraging ponies, as always, and no, we are not going to be nitpicky about whether it actually has horses or not. We only ask that you submit your honest work and do your best to build up off of what you’ve learned from your craft, so far.

FIMM is announcing this event after a short delay. MyLittleRemix is not associated with the third Balloon Party this time around and this will not be a fundraiser for brony musicians this time either. Details can be found here on MLR’s sole thread for this event. All updates and questions regarding this event should be found and posed to Circuitfry's blog. Best of luck to those who take part and do your best!