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" Ponies at Dawn have now successfully released 3 compilation albums of awesome music from brony musicians. Our next project will be a remix album, with remixes of tracks from the previous albums we’ve released.

If this interests you, there’s more information available here: … 0ZiwM/edit
Our BandCamp page, where previous albums and the songs in them can be listened to is here:

We’re accepting submissions of any genre, from anywhere in the world, as with past albums. Whilst we are a brony group, submissions don’t have to be specifically ‘pony-related’. As explained in the above Google Doc, just add me on Skype at alexander.ashenden if you want to request stems and/or midi files for a specific song, and I’ll do my best to get them to you. We also have a Skype group for general discussion, and one purely for discussion and feedback on music-related stuff if you’d like to join those.

Remix packs already requested can be downloaded here: … edit#gid=0
Feel free to ask for others though, variety is certainly a good thing!

Submissions will be due on the 6th of December, but we’ll probably still accept slightly late submissions if a little extra time is needed.
Submissions can be sent in here:

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do you not like this color?

art by comickit

New Interview with Mathie!

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Crazy OC

One notable brony rock musician who never really got noticed is Crazyoatmeal3. While he hasn’t been heard from since last December, he has created a sizable discography, at his peak becoming one of the musicians for Super Smash Ponies where he created Applejack’s…

Did we reblog this when it came out? Not sure if we did. Get more acquainted with CO3 if we haven’t.

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Caine Music

Caine's OC

Caine the Doombringer, real name Stewart Nurmi, is a pony rocker from Vancouver, Canada known for his powerful, expressive modern rock voice. He is notable for being one of the few vocalists featured on a Griffinilla song, which is vastly different from his own…

Yay a new installment of bronyrockspotlight!!

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Hey guys I’m setting up a Bandcamp account for future music!

Everything will be listed as pay-what-you-want. Minimum is free of course, but if you want to help my broke ass out by donating a couple bucks that’s also cool.

Only thing available for download right now is Welcome to Horrorville, I’m still in the process of re-exporting all the WAV files for older music and actually making a banner and some asthetics that have genuine effort attributed to them, but for now you can check it out, follow the page for new music updates and all that fun jazz. Pretty cool right?

In the next little while I will be pulling all other download links for my songs out and linking everyone to bandcamp for easy access. Soundcloud’s 100 DL limit is not really much to work with and this way it’ll be easier for people to access (once I get the pro account stuff set up anyway. Right now there’s still a DL limit but at the very least it’s more than Soundcloud)

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Slightly updated version of the group at large.



Planning Thread

Did an interview today about the project and getting into detail about what it is, who’s involved, and how it’s all unfolding. Should be pretty cool when its out.

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"D-D-D-D-Deadline extension!

By popular demand, we’re moving the deadline back a month! The new deadline is now NOVEMBER 15, at 3PM GMT.
This gives you guys who’re submitting plenty of time to get your tracks finished and handed in to the highest standard you can.
We would like to point out however, that this isn’t an excuse to be lazy; just because you have extra time doesn’t mean you can stop now and rush on the last day!”

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We have a great interview of The Shake Ups in Ponyville by FIMMusic staffer Agents of Discord. They are a great brony power pop group that we think everyone should know about.

Check them out at

Thanks again to Agents of discord for doing this interview. Hopefully more upcoming ones.
His ytube
and this is for blog.

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"I commissioned this song from Julian Moon, and it was so wonderful I had to create a PMV for it, so here it is. If there’s a demand for download links I can provide them."

Not many musicians do commissions (we know Foozogz and a few others do) so it’s nice to see a real cool one come along. Always an option for musicians and non-musical fans alike.

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Musical guest Agents of Discord joins the Phuckcast and talks about the brony community.  

Favorites Game (1:45)
Unsexiest Thing About Sex (9:11)
Why Are Bronies Whiny Little Bitches? (17:59)
Rainbow Rocks Sucks?! (36:44)

Six or Seven friends get together and talk random topics of discussion, with your favorite Brony personalities, for your amusement. If you like that hit the like and subscribe button for a weekly podcast every Friday night.

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Our staff member ph00tbag (AKA Sonic Rainboom) wanted to give a shout out to a lot of very special tracks this week. 

Vocal Score - Rainbow Factory (Cover)

Vocal Score’s cover of this tune is bar none my favorite version. The removal of the percussion, placing responsibility for rhythm on the guitar, enhances the tune’s sombreness, and makes it so much more evocative than even the original. The acoustic nature of the vocals also lets Vocal Score emote much better. As good as Rainbow Factory was before, this really breaks the mold.

M. Pallante - Too Many Pinkie Pies

With Too Many Pinkie Pies, M. Pallante finds a little something worth writing about in Pinkie’s attitude during the whole Mirror Pool debacle. I feel like Pallante really did well giving voice to that conflict. I’m also a big fan of the ska influences in the track.

WoodLore - Cora, Part 1

I love WoodLore’s vocals in this tune. They’ve got so much emotion and rawness. I’m also a fan of the plucked sound in the outro. Particularly engaging about this tune is the way he suggests a rather dark background for Zecora. Needless to say, Cora has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the other two tunes in the cycle.

ATW and Ashenflash - Seaside Slumber

I love the creative production in the intro to this tune. Hell, I love the production throughout the tune. The tune takes its time getting to the vocals, but that’s okay, because it’s so much fun to listen to. My favorite part, because I’m strange, is how at the end, there’s a little guitar slide, which segues right into a seagull sample that starts playing.

Knife Pony ft. Feather - Stay (Aoshi Remix)

I just love all the things Aoshi does with the vocal line. He drops the modulator pitch on the vocoder during the verse to change the singer’s sex, then he makes the chorus sound much more exclamatory by making monotone, and much higher, giving more impact to the drop. I really love the industrial sounds he uses in the drop as well. I just can’t get enough of this guy lately.

And the Rainfall & Derpidety - Tulips

The atmosphere in Tulips is really quite wonderful. There’s this mixing of sounds in the reverb and delay that makes me think of sunlight filtering through a field of tall grass and wildflowers. This tune really takes on a new life when the bongos kick in in the last verse. I really ought to read Background Pony one of these days.

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Our staff member ph00tbag (AKA Sonic Rainboom) wanted to give a shout out to a lot of very special tracks this week. The second of 2 parts!


Andante Skie - Nobody Parties Like Me

People complain about vocoder chorus songs like this. I think they’re crazy. I like the simplicity of this style. Andante Skie uses almost thematically here. The accompaniment to the part of “Pinkie” is generated by that very part, mirroring Pinkie creating “friends” of her own in “Party of One.” It’s a pretty clever instrumentation decision, if you ask me.


JackleApp - Winter (Emkay Remix)

Remix Wars always generate a huge amount of excellent music. It’s part of the reason this feature set had to be cut in half. Emkay’s remix of Winter is something really impressive. I’m a huge fan of the panning decisions made with the vocals. They glitch and stutter and jump out from different directions. It’s the kind of atmospheric stuff that I really dig.


Skypause BGP - Little Hen?

I always smile a little when Skypause sings. As beautiful as Mommapause’s voice is in all of Skypause’s stuff, there’s a rawness there that feels so good in the Bluegrass style, at least for me. I also quite like how the joke of calling Scootaloo a chicken is turned into a metaphor for her struggle with flight.


Ponytronic - Soaring Vibes (MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN Remix)

This one’s got some really great drum work. There’s a lot of things happening in the effect chain, so it’s worth listening to it several times. Some things I really like are the flanger effects on the hats, and the compression routing on the snare’s reverb. I’m also always a sucker for the dusty, cracked vinyl sound that’s running throughout the tune.


Dream Explorer - Lost Dimension

This tune’s pretty epic, so be ready to sit down for a spell. Throughout this tune, there’s parts with a pair of dueling guitar lines, which is really fun to listen to if you’re paying attention. To a degree, I feel a certain adventure narrative to this tune, as if Twilight heads to this lost dimension, and must return home. It’s always fun when music has that effect on you.


Artem Yegorov - The Edge

I really like the fusion of orchestral and electronic in this tune. Halfway through the tune, synthesizers and synthetic drums jump in to give a neoclassical feel. I do wish the growling bass had been a bit louder, because I think it sounded great when I could hear it. There’s some great moments of dissonance and resolution in this tune that I love, as well.

MrBronyDash - Move On

MrBronyDash brings us a nice duet between voice and guitar. The great part is the verses, where the guitar and voice have different melodies that nonetheless dovetail quite nicely. While listening, I noticed that the way the song is written, it could really be about Applejack at the time of her parents’ deaths, or Applebloom now. Ambiguity doesn’t necessarily do it for everyone, but I love it, so bravo on that point.


donglekumquat - A Song About Luna (LoreRD’s Remix)

Lore hates it when I compare him to BT, because he’s a modest guy, but everytime I hear something by him, it’s the first thing that pops into my mind. The sheer detail in the pads, and the subtle applications of various glitched sounds remind me so much of BT’s stuff. But that’s not to say he apes the style, because LoreRD always brings a good bit of himself to the table, as well.


Flyghtning - Daring Do and the Mine of Chaos

My favorite thing about Flyghtning is his reliability. If I want a nostalgia trip into the annals of Acid Trance, I can always see what’s going on over at his channel, and something squelchy and juicy awaits. Mine of Chaos is no exception. From the flangers in the opening, to the wiggly acid bits in the climax, this tune doesn’t disappoint.

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Our staff member ph00tbag (AKA Sonic Rainboom) wanted to give a shout out to a lot of very special tracks this week. The first of 2 parts!


Celestorm - Fighting Dragons

Fighting Dragons really takes off about halfway through. The last half of the tune features some really cool duets for the guitars that re-contextualize the melody as something of a battle between the two voices. Especially in the verses, Celestorm has some really cool relationships between the two guitar parts.


REDD - When it Rains

It’s cool how effective it can be to simply add parts to a particularly evocative chord progression until they coalesce into something more than their sum. It’s also kind of disappointing that fewer musicians really try to achieve that effect, because it’s often the simplest music that tugs the hardest at the heartstrings. REDD does this very well here, in When it Rains.


Agents of Discord - Brony Anthem

Sampling is an oft-disparaged, and ofter-misunderstood form of expression. Brony Anthem is there to try to change that. The idea here is that there is a creative value in taking elements from the creative environment you find yourself in, and bringing them together in a novel experience. You may know all of the tunes whose elements appear in Anthem, but it took a different kind of creativity to see how they could all come together.


Starbreeis - We are Different

One Starbreeis is enough to make me lose control of most motor function. Two is just overwhelming. And she does accents, too! It all becomes just too much in the chorus, where the harmonies give me chills. I always find it cool that Starbreeis releases many of her tunes as a capellas, too. It lets the whole focus of the tune rest on her amazing voice.


Wubbaducky - Monster Lullaby

Wubbaducky always does something in every tune that makes me unspeakably happy. In Monster Lullaby, that something is the gated pad that kicks in halfway through the first minute. He’s written it in such a way, as well, that it emphasizes the kick that’s already emphasized by Wubbaducky’s characteristic sidechaining. For such a slow tune, I’m still drawn into its rhythm by that decision.


Kat Vwy - Crystal Heart

I’m always really happy to be blown away by artists I’ve never heard of, so Kat Vwy’s appearance not long ago had me absolutely giddy. Vwy’s voice has that sultry, loungey texture that is just like caramel. I hope to see much, much more of this vocalist in the future.


Jay Stansfield - The Ballad of the Crystal Empire

This is another artist that I hadn’t really head of before, but am very happy to have heard about, now. Jay Stansfield’s rendition of the Ballad of the Crystal Empire employs his wonderful voice to great effect, and I love his use of drums. This tune is a part of Society of Poor Academic’s project, A Little Bit for Charity, so definitely check out the projects bandcamp and buy the tune if you dig it. 


Mogul Dash ft. The Lyde Octave - Neverends

This tune has so many wonderful things going on. I absolutely love it. Obcviously, the music box sample just lowered my defenses to begin with. The synths in the intro have such unique sounds. The synth line in the chorus is a great compliment to the vocals. The choral vox in the breakdown are a joyous surprise. Then, the sample used for the snare drum sealed the deal for me. Something about that ring in the tail suits this tune so perfectly.